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January 14, 2020

Niagara Catholic Raises More Than $9,500 for Holy Childhood Association

Every October and November, Niagara Catholic elementary students participate in Holy Childhood Walks at their school, to raise money for, and awareness of, the Holy Childhood Association. The Association is a mission club for elementary students, aimed at helping students develop their social conscience, and for them to pray for, learn about and share resources with children around the world.

Niagara Catholic has supported the Holy Childhood Association for 35 years, raising more than 697,000 for the organization. In 2019, 39Catholic elementary schools held Holy Childhood Walks, raising $9,550.64. In 2019, the Holy Childhood Association supported projects in Uganda, Nigeria, Haiti, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

2019-2020 Parents Reaching Out Grants

Each year, the Ministry of Education provides school boards with Parents Reaching Out (PRO) grants. The funding allows schools to focus on identifying and removing barriers that prevent parents and families from becoming fully engaged in their child’s learning.

Changes were made to the PRO grant program for 2019-2020, from application-based funding to an allocation-based grant. This year, Niagara Catholic received $13,953.51 from the Ministry for parent engagement projects.

Projects funded through the grant are to demonstrate a commitment to respecting the role of parents in students’ educational experiences by working with, or seeking input from parents on:

  • Providing safe and welcoming school environments
  • Maintaining open communication with teachers and

Respecting parents as valued partners, in relation to decisions about their child’s education.

Design of System Priorities and 2020-2021 Budget

The new calendar year may have just begun, but Senior Staff have already begun looking at the 2020-2021 school year. The Board of Trustees and Senior Administrative Council have begun the process to design the 2020-2021 System Priorities and the annual budget. The Director and Senior Administrative Council remain committed to two fundamental principles in preparing for the annual System Priorities and budget considerations:

  • Providing Catholic educational excellence through programs and services for all students; and
  • Achieving the Vision 2020 Strategic Plan and Annual System Priorities through balanced and financially stable annual budgets

The Board follows a collaborative consultation and decision-making process from January through May, finalizing the System Priorities. Meetings will take place throughout the system this winter and spring, to have completed System Priorities and budget in May.

Capital Projects Update

Niagara Catholic currently has one capital project in development. Tender documents for the $1.5-million, three childcare classroom addition to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Elementary School, are currently being prepared. Occupancy is scheduled for Fall 2020.

28,800 Seconds: The Power of Teamwork

Team Canada 72 logIn 2016, Niagara Catholic began discussions with members of Team Canada ’72 about creating an innovative program for students and staff, following an introduction to team members at a gala in St. Catharines.

That August, members of Team Canada ’72 attended the first day of the August Administrative Conference for administrators, and this engaging leadership session received broad attention locally, nationally and internationally. Based on that successful session, a similar forum for students took place in November, 2016.

Based on overwhelmingly positive feedback, Niagara Catholic and Team Canada ’72 created a partnership to deliver, through the vehicle of the 1972 Summit Series, a national Leadership Series curriculum and program for students and staff.

In 2018, Niagara Catholic staff and members of Team Canada ’72 began meeting and designing the 28,800 Seconds: The Power of Teamwork program.

Beginning in September 2018, selected Niagara Catholic schools and staff have been collaborating with the 1972 Summit Series committee to develop and pilot draft versions of the 28,800 program in elementary classrooms. The objective is to leave a lasting legacy through the lessons students learn from the Summit Series, by building educational experiences across Canada.

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