Michael Jacques Fonthill’s 2019 Citizen of the Year and Queen’s Commonwealth Trust Feature

Congratulations to Michael Jacques, who was recently named Fonthill’s Citizen of the Year for 2019! It’s a huge accomplishment for our favourite young author, who was told he wouldn’t likely graduate from high school.

A photo of Michael Jacques holding his book
Michael Jacques continues inspiring Canadians and around the world.

He was recently profiled in the Globe and Mail for his leadership and perseverance.

Michael was also featured on the Queen’s (yes, THAT Queen!), Commonwealth Trust’s Facebook page, which begins with the intro “We do don’t do our latest #inspiration piece justice when we call it ‘inspiring,’ – so all we can really say is, check it out!” The organization also plugs Michael’s book, Can’t Read, Can’t Write, Here’s My Book, noting “Michael does not surrender to the idea of ‘can’t.” He is also featured on the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust website.



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