Imagine running a marathon. Or walking a marathon.

It’s a massive accomplishment that relatively few people do in their lifetimes.

Now, imagine doing two marathons. In a weekend.

That’s what Niagara Catholic Acting Principal Paolo Sirianni did recently, participating in a 4x4x48 program – four miles, every four hours, for 48 hours consecutive hours – running an astonishing 52.4 miles (roughly 77 kilometres) to support Niagara Nutrition Partners.

The agency normally supports schools by funding snack and breakfast programs during the school year, but since last March has also been using its funds to support students and families at home by providing grocery gift cards to families affected by COVID-19 to ensure that they are able to buy healthy food and snacks for their children who are learning at home.

The double-marathon weekend, which took place in a number of locations across Niagara, raised approximately $7,500 for Niagara Nutrition Partners.


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