St. Teresa of Calcutta Student Takes Shot at Cancer Fundraiser

St. Teresa of Calcutta Student Takes Shot at Cancer Fundraiser

The Rankin Cancer Run is a big event on the calendar in May in Niagara. But for the past two years, the Run, which brings tens of thousands Niagara residents together in a united cause to support cancer patients in Niagara, has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Andre Bilodeau is a Grade 4 student at St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Elementary School in St. Catharines (formerly known as Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School). The school was always a keen supporter of the Run, and had students and staff participate as a team every year.

Recently, students in his class were asked to study a newspaper article for an assignment, and Andre chose one from last October, announcing there would be no Rankin Run in May. Disappointed at the loss for the organization that has supported so many Niagara residents through their journey with cancer, Andre has decided to take a shot at helping raise funds for a virtual Rankin Run. In fact, on May 29, the youngster plans to take 1,000 shots – on net – and hopes to sink as many biscuits and hit as many targets as possible for the cause.

So far, Andre has raised more than $1,800, plus has more than $800 in pledges.

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