Lincoln Care Kits

Lincoln McGuire is only 10 years old, but the Grade 4 student at St. Nicholas Catholic Elementary School has shown he has compassion and empathy for others well beyond his years.

This spring, Lincoln spearheaded a campaign at his school to distribute bug spray to people in need in the community. Together, they collected more than 100 kits and distributed them to those most in need.

On his 10th birthday, Lincoln gave up his birthday money to give up gift cards for homeless people in his community, and with the support of his school, the United Way and other charities, Tim Hortons and friends and family, filled 115 backpacks with nearly 25 items in each pack to give out as soon as it’s safe to do so.

And so, Lincoln Care Kits was born.

Even though the current school year is just winding down, Lincoln is already looking forward to September, and is in the process of collecting more backpacks and supplies – including a teddy bear, at the insistence of his four-year-old sister who said everyone needs one – for students in need in Niagara in September.

Lincoln’s mum shared her son’s story with us, saying “He wants to help take care of his community. When asked once why he wanted to do this, he said ‘I just love people. I want all people to live long and happy lives.’ It’s simple and honest and it’s from his heart. I hope this lifts your heart the way it does ours. We are so proud of him.”

We are, too, Lincoln. Great job, buddy!

Find out more about Lincoln Care Kits here:

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