Notre Dame Irish football team

Notre Dame Irish football

Massive congratulations to the Notre Dame Irish football team for its HUGE 50-7 win over North Park Collegiate in the OFSAA Central Bowl in Brantford November 30. The Irish were commanding from the start, with a 7-0 lead after the first quarter, 36-0 at the half, and 50-7 from the end of the third quarter to the end of the game.

Running Back Tal Ibraham 18 carried for 151 yards, five TDs, and a 38-yard pass reception

QB Marshall McCray went eight of 11 passing for 111 yards, four carries for 97 yards, one TD, and a two-point conversion.

Adrian D’Gyves had four catches for 57 yards, and Dayshawn Johnson had a 62-yard interception for a TD.

The entire team defense was outstanding, and both the defensive line and offensive line played extremely well.

The Irish had a successful run leading up to the Central Bowl, including a 33-6 SOSSA win over Westmount from Hamilton, a 36-7 win over Myer in the Niagara Regional Championship and a 30-10 win over Saint Paul in the NCAA Championship.

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