St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School Teacher Among Top Mathematics Influences

Niagara Catholic is extremely proud to announce that Rachel Cha, a teacher at St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School in Niagara Falls, has been named as a Top Impact Influencer with Knowledgehook, a math assessment tool.

Dr. Natasha Murray Everett, PhD, a curriculum expert who is part of Knowledgehook’s Translation Expert Panel, had this to say about how Rachel teaches math in her classroom:

“Rachel creates a peaceful classroom learning community that takes into account students’ mental wellbeing. Her students then feel safe, take chances, and are open to making mistakes. She believes that when her students are in a good mental space, the are able to engage in learning more wholly, where they can persevere and be challenged. Rachel often works with students one-on-one and provides them with descriptive feedback that they can take immediately to continue their learning.”

Rachel uses Knowledgehook resources, such as Missions and Games Shows, to engage her students in learning and give her data to understand what students have learned and where there are learning gaps in mathematics.

Here’s what Rachel has to say.

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