Supporting Environmental Sustainability

Niagara Catholic Taking Action on Human Rights, Environmental Issues

In April, Niagara Catholic made two announcements that will have affects both locally, and beyond.

The first announcement centered around the Board’s decision to stop providing single-use plastics, such as cutlery, straws, and stir sticks, in all schools and sites beginning in September. Students and staff will still be permitted to bring these disposable items with them to school, but they will no longer be available in schools. This decision was made to align with the Board’s commitment to environmental stewardship and with Pope Francis’s call to preserve and protect our environment for future generations.

The Board has also made a significant investment in ensuring that all females in need of menstrual products in our schools will have access to them at no charge. In September, the Board approved a recommendation to provide menstrual products to students in secondary schools, and staff began the process of finding affordable options. A short time later, the provincial government announced it would address “period poverty” among students, which often leads students to stay at home out of shame because they cannot afford necessary supplies, by providing pads and dispensers to schools.

In April, the Board was advised Niagara Catholic will use the machines supplied by the provincial government, and augment it with additional machines, to ensure that every school in our system has an ongoing supply. The first order of menstrual supplies will be purchased separately, and then will be ordered by school custodians as needed.

For more, read our single-use plastics media release, and our period poverty media release.

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