Catholic Education Week and Mental Health Week Arts Contest: Rebuild, Restore, and Renew Together

For the past several years, Niagara Catholic has recognized the strong connection between our faith and mental health and well-being. Perhaps, then, it is no coincidence that Catholic Education Week and Mental Health Awareness Week take place during the same week, the first week of May.

Every year during Catholic Education Week/Mental Health Awareness Week, Niagara Catholic hosts a contest encouraging students to show their artistic sides to say how their faith supports their mental health.

This year’s theme for our contest was the theme for Catholic Education Week, Rebuild, Restore, Renew Together. We received many wonderful entries, and the winners are posted below. You can watch Dario’s video here, and Jazmin’s video here.



Dario Abbruscato– Grade 2

Niagara Catholic Virtual School (Home school – St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Elementary School)

Grade 4-6

Avaya Sinclair– Grade 5/6

St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School (Niagara Falls)

Grade 7-8

Gracie Cherney, Grade 7

St. Michael Catholic Elementary School

Reece Richards, Grade 8
St. George Catholic Elementary School


Jazmin Wignall, Grade 12

Saint Paul Catholic High School

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