Lakeshore Catholic Art Students Bring Designs to “Life” for Kindergarten Students

What do you get when you bring together a high school student who is aspiring to teach, an art teacher always looking for new and innovative projects for her students, and a classroom of creative kindergarten students?

Chaos, in the most beautiful and amazing way!

Earlier this year, Madison Caravalho, a Grade 12 student at Lakeshore Catholic High School and a graduate of St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School, began a co-op program at the school, in the Kindergarten class. She was also taking art class, so her art teacher gave her a project for the students: Have them design a stuffed animal, and the art students would bring it to “life.”

Fast-forward a few months and on June 21, the students received their new stuffies. There were dogs and cats, a couple of snakes, a few horses, and lots and lots of colourful creations!

Check out photos from the event below and watch CHCH’s news clip here.

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