St. Peter Student Gives Back with Kid-Centered Business

St. Peter Student Gives Back with Kid-Centered Business

This school year, we’ve had a few opportunities to share great stories about kid entrepreneurs, and we’re wrapping up the school year with one more.

Naythan Rose is a Grade 4 student at St. Peter Catholic Elementary School. Recently, he took part in the 10th Annual Kids Ultimate Challenge, an event hosted by the Niagara Health Foundation at Burgoyne Woods where kids aged 4-13 take part in a fun, one-kilometre 12-obstacle obstacle course that tests endurance, stamina, strength, and agility. The event encourages teamwork and community spirit and raises funds for Niagara Health’s Children’s Unit.

Naythan took advantage of the shift in the pandemic to participate in the event, but more than that, Naythan was there as a vendor, selling his Cool Crazy Crayons, which he designs and makes himself.

A website isn’t completed yet, but you can check out Naythan’s business on Facebook here and TikTok here.

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