St. Alexander Students in Viral Video

It was a simple idea, really. St. Alexander Catholic Elementary School students would bring in donated boxes of cereal throughout Lent, to support the local food bank, Pelham Cares.

To make it interesting, student council decided to have a little fun with the food before donating it by running a domino track through the school. After doing a little calculating, they estimated that would take about 600 boxes of cereal.

In the end, about 750 boxes – 800 pounds of cereal – were brought to the school and painstakingly laid out by students. With a quick tap by St. Alexander Church’s parish priest Father Paul MacNeil, the boxes were on their way – a one-minute and 48 second journey down four school hallways and back to the beginning. It wasn’t perfect – one little dog-leg area needed a little help to keep things rolling, but that didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm.

On Friday, we shared the video on the Board’s Facebook page as a fun Friday post. Somewhere overnight into Saturday, it caught fire, with thousands of likes, views, and comments. By dinner, it had more than a million views. Sunday it was up to more than 5.5 million, and by Tuesday at noon, there had been more than 6.6 million impressions of the video around the globe.

Most remarkable? The comment section. Overwhelmingly positive, filled with comments like “we should do this at our school in (insert far-flung location here),” or “this is so joyful – listen to how happy those students are!” and simple “I love this.”

Kudos to St. Alexander Principal Mark Venzon and his staff and students for making a positive contribution to their community through their donation, and for putting Niagara Catholic on the map as a place where kindness and joy are alive and well.

Listen to Principal Mark Venzon on 610 CKTB here.

Listen to Jennifer Dube from Pelham Cares talk about the donation on 610 CKTB here.

Check out the CHCH newscast here.

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