Young Scientists Win at Niagara Regional Science and Engineering Fair

Students from across Niagara Catholic recently participated in the 60th Anniversary Niagara Region Science and Engineering Fair at Brock University.

We are very proud of all students who participated in this very high-calibre event, with some of the best of the best young scientists in Niagara.

Congratulations to Julia Dargacz, a Grade 12 student at Saint Paul Catholic High School, who won a Silver Medal in the event, as well as the Sanofi Biogenius Canada Award, Brock University Chemistry Award, Mancuso Chemicals Award and will compete in the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Edmonton later this spring, as a member of Team Niagara.

We also congratulate the following students for their outstanding finishes:

Student Name

Student School/Division Awards Title Project
Oscar Stipancic and Nico Alvarado OLOF (G)

Junior: Grade 7/8

-Brock University Physics Award

-Bronze Medal

Balloon-powered cars
Quinn Vanaselja and Max Kanc OLOF (G) Junior Grade 7/8 Science Process Award: Celebrating 60th Fair Man vs Machine
Alexander Lebedev Notre Dame FI  Junior Grade 7/8 -James Draper Award

-Bronze Medal

Effect of background on radiation and subatomic particles with the use of a cloud chamber
Chloe Song and Jorja Miller Notre Dame: Junior Grade 7/8 Brock University Biology Award Human DNA vs Fruit DNA
Brielle Jones St Martin: Junior Grade 7/8 Ontario Institute of Agrology Will it grow?
Adefemi Ijanusi St Martin: Junior Grade 7/8 OECTA Award Detergent vs Bacteria
Audrey Pogoda St Martin: Junior Grade 7/8 Brock University Psychology Award How good is my dog’s memory?
Aidan Weltz St Martin: Junior Grade 7/8 Brock University Earth Science Award Learn moh about rocks and minerals
Maya Pasquale and Melania Ogreten-Mead St Teresa of Calcutta: Junior Grade 7/8 Honourable Mention Internal Autocorrect
Taylor Pirri St Teresa of Calcutta : Junior Grade 7/8 Silver Medal BananaRama
Marcel Zych St Anthony: Junior Grade 7/8 The IEEE Prize for Basic Electricity and Magnetism What’s in our Water?
Jose Pineda St Anthony: Junior Grade 7/8 IEEE Niagara College Student Branch Prize The Train of the Future
John William Zziwa and Grace James St Anthony: Junior Grade 7/8 OECTA Award The 5 Second Rule
Maleah Sahota St Anthony: Juvenile Grade 5/6 OECTA Award Pup n Go
Deacon Bray St Anthony: Juvenile Grade 5/6 OECTA Award Who has the most bacteria in their mouth? 
Anthony Matamoros-Sagastume and Chase Kucharik St Anthony: Juvenile Grade 5/6 -Ontario Power Generation Award


-Bronze Medal

Zain Ahmed Holy Cross Grade 12 -Honourable Mention


Manian Memorial Award

Increase the Solubility of Biocatalysts in Organic Solvents
Julia Dargacz Saint Paul Grade 12 -Silver Medal

-Sanofi Biogenius Canada Award

-Brock University Chemistry Award

-Mancuso Chemicals Award

Team Niagara Member Canada Wide Science Fair

Functionalized Silatrane Lipid Head Groups

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