St. Kevin Catholic Elementary school welcomes Mission Day 2023!

In an outpouring of joy and community spirit, St. Kevin Catholic Elementary School recently brought back its cherished fundraiser, “Mission Day,” after a hiatus, and the results were nothing short of extraordinary. The school’s halls came alive as students eagerly participated in a wide array of exciting activities, from games, bingo, and soccer shootouts to face painting and an enchanting “Hair Salon” experience hosted by the Cosmetology students of Notre Dame College School.

Mission Day, a morning dedicated to fun and connection, served as a vibrant reminder of the importance of social responsibility. It was a heartwarming occasion that not only brought smiles to the faces of the students but also provided a unique opportunity for them to learn about different programs and engage with the wider community. Parents were invited to join the festivities the night before the event, where they could purchase raffle tickets and explore a book and card sale.

The resounding success of Mission Day was a testament to the tireless efforts of the Mission Day committee, who worked passionately to create an unforgettable experience for all. Equally deserving of praise was the St. Kevin Catholic School Community, whose remarkable generosity played a pivotal role in the event’s triumph.

The proceeds from this year’s fundraiser were dedicated to two noble causes. Firstly, they will help fund St. Kevin’s Nutrition Program, ensuring that every student receives nourishing meals to support their academic and emotional well-being. Additionally, a generous donation of $1,627 was made to the Hope Center, empowering the organization to continue their crucial work in serving those in need within the community.

Mission Day exemplified all the power of compassion and collective action in fostering positive change. The event not only instilled social responsibility in the students but also created lasting memories and connections among the St. Kevin Catholic Elementary School community, Notre Dame College School, and the local organizations they supported.

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Photo: From left to right: Lisa Casasanta (Kindergarten Teacher/Mission Day Committee Leader), Teresa Kish (French as a Second Language Teacher/Mission Day Committee Leader), Jennifer Sinclair (Community Engagement Coordinator, Hope Center)

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