Young Heroes, Ana and Pablo Alvarado, Spread Joy and Support through LemonAID Day

Ana and Pablo Alvarado, students at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Elementary School, are on a mission to make a positive impact. They will host a Lemonade Stand, representing their school as the SVDP Saints, in support of the Niagara Foundation for Family & Children’s Services’ LemonAID Day 2023.

Beyond serving lemonade, Ana and Pablo have shown their dedication by actively cleaning up their community, ensuring it sparkles with cleanliness. Their compassionate actions exemplify their belief in kindness and making a difference.

With enthusiasm and creativity, the siblings plan to raise funds and awareness for the foundation. Their fellow students have rallied behind them, demonstrating the transformative power of empathy and unity.

The SVDP Saints embody the values of their school and inspire others to embrace the joy of giving. Through their Lemonade Stand, Ana and Pablo leave an indelible mark on their school community, reminding everyone that small acts of kindness have the power to make a meaningful difference.

Ana and Pablo Alvarado, the young heroes of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Elementary School, illuminate the path of kindness and inspire others to create positive change. Their Lemonade Stand quenches thirst while nourishing souls, leaving a lasting impact on all who witness their incredible journey.

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