AG 100.1
Adopted: March 25, 2003
Amended: May 27, 2003

It is recognized that the selection of the name of each school shall:

  1. serve to express our Catholic heritage both local & universal;
  2. provide young people with examples for their appropriate Christ-centered development.

To this end all schools shall:

  1. be designated as “Catholic” schools; (i.e. Brigid’s “Catholic” Elementary School)
  2. in the future, be given names describing God, a Saint, or an exemplary deceased Catholic person;
  3. in the selection for a school name the Bishop of the Diocese shall be consulted in a timely matter.

Staff shall implement the following process once the Board has determined that a new school needs to be named or an established school needs to be renamed:

  1. The Director of Education or designate shall bring forward a recommendation to form an Ad Hoc Committee for the purpose of naming or renaming a school.
  2. The Ad Hoc Committee shall explore possible names to be considered before staff proceeds with the consultation process.
  3. The consultation process shall include:
    1. the Bishop of the Diocese
    2. the local trustees
    3. where appropriate and/or possible the school council(s) and the student council(s)
    4. if possible, and desirable, a degree of consultation with the school community is also encouraged.

The Ad Hoc Committee shall report to the Board through the usual process.


The need to name areas of a particular school (i.e. resource centre, gymnasium, etc.) shall be cleared by school staff through senior staff before any public announcements are made.

The Director shall inform the Board of the school’s request and explore an appropriate course of action to respond to the request.


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