Welcome back to an exciting new school year!

Check out our great back to school video!

Summer has flown by in a blink, and here we are back together again.

We hope everyone had a great summer, enjoying time spent with family and friends and that wonderful luxury of having days where the biggest decision to make is whether to have a red or blue freezie (blue, always blue).

And now we’re back, and an incredible school year lies ahead. Over the summer, some very dedicated staff worked hard at your schools to deep clean classrooms, polish floors and make sure everything is shiny when you walk through the doors. Staff at the Catholic Education Centre also worked hard planning programs and curriculum to ensure teachers are ready to go today as well.

The weeks ahead will be busy. Before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving, then Pilgrimage, then Advent, then Christmas. But for now, let’s not rush things. Let’s enjoy the today, and this week, and the now.

A reminder to families that if you have issues accessing the Parent Portal, please visit help.niagaracatholic.ca to submit a ticket. We understand it’s frustrating when you have trouble with access and will do all we can to support you. Please be polite when you contact us for support, especially after-hours when all we can do is advise you to call the school in the morning. Real-live people are behind the messages, not an AI bot, so please keep that in mind, even when frustration runs high.

Other than that, we’re excited to roll out some great new ways to communicate with families this year, including a new newsletter that will land in your inbox on the first Friday of every month. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it and click the links because it will be filled with important dates, good news you may have missed, and things you’ll want to know for the month ahead. More big things are coming this fall, so stay tuned!

With that, have an awesome return to school, everyone!

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