Every year, during the first week of May, Catholic schools across Ontario celebrate the gift of Catholic education during Catholic Education Week.

Although we celebrate Catholic education in many different ways every day, Catholic Education Week allows us to truly showcase what makes Catholic education different, and how it makes a difference in the lives of the students who receive a Catholic education.

Niagara Catholic has many long-standing traditions during Catholic Education Week, including our Celebrating Excellence Awards, which recognizes our students with Catch the Spirit Awards, our staff with Inspiration Awards, and our alumni with Distinguished Alumni Awards. We will announce our award recipients on Friday, May 8, in alignment with the theme Hope for the Future.

Catholic Education Week begins May 3, and to recognize this important day, Bishop Bergie will acknowledge Catholic education in his weekly Mass. He and parish priests throughout the Diocese will also have a special intention for Catholic education, including our many students and staff who bring faith to life in our schools – and continue to bring faith to life online – as we continue our journey with Christ.

Please see the schedule listed below for how we will celebrate Catholic Education Week as a board. Schools also have events and activities planned to recognize Catholic Education Week virtually. We also have a letter from Bishop Gerard Bergie, Chair of the Board Frank Fera and Director of Education John Crocco. You can read the letter here.

It is also Mental Health Week, and we are happy to celebrate both weeks together, especially appropriate given our current global situation, and this year’s theme of Hope. Niagara Catholic has sponsored a contest for students interested in showing how faith ignites in them, and how they ignite hope in others. Please click here details.

Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support Catholic education in Niagara. Have a wonderful, faith-filled week, everyone.

May 3

Bishop Bergie has provided a video message to mark Catholic Education Week. You can watch the live stream of Sunday Mass at the Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria here.


May 4

Our Hope in Christ

Today’s message focuses on finding our hope in Jesus Christ. It is also Music Monday.  Be sure to check out our Mental Health Monday message on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well. And enter our Mental Health and Faith art contest by sharing a photo you took, drawing you created or a poem, song or short story you wrote about what ignites faith in you, and how you ignite faith in others.

Click here for today’s prayer.

Click here for a video message from our Elementary Student Senate.

Today’s challenge: Music makes us happy. Create a playlist of happy music, and listen to it in your backyard (if the weather agrees). Better yet, send it to someone you love and miss.

Check out today’s Family Resources:

13 Reasons for Hope

 The Language of Hope – Creating a Poem

Today we also launch our faith and mental health contest, Igniting Hope. What ignites hope in you? And how are you igniting hope in others? Click here for the poster, which has more details.


May 5

The Hope Within Us

Thank you to our Elementary Student Senate for this inspiring video about the hope within us. May is the Month of Mary, and today we pray the Hail Mary. Please check this video to pray along.

Our Technology Tuesday post on social media focuses on digital discipleship. Check it out on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Today’s challenge is to go for a walk past your local parish, if that’s possible. Stop in front and say a prayer for the faith community.

Family Resources

Even though we don’t have anywhere to go, it seems like we’re all busier today. Maybe it’s the act of trying to keep busy that’s making us all feel overwhelmed. To hopefully your busy mind, try some Christian meditation. And learn how our parish priests are adapting to empty churches in this quick interview with Fr. Vijay from St. Kevin Parish in Welland.


May 6

The Hope Among Us

Today’s video prayer is A Cree Prayer, recognizing our Indigenous community. At 10 a.m., please join other Catholic students and families in a unified Catholic Education Week Mass from St. Michael Cathedral Basilica in Toronto, celebrated by Cardinal Collins.

Click here for our Wednesday message from Elementary Student Senate.

Wisdom Wednesday on social media will focus on the gift of wisdom.

Our Family Resource is Come, Pray the Rosary.

And today’s challenge is to reach out to others who may need hope and bring a smile to their face with a phone call or video chat.


May 7

Hope for the World

Today’s video prayer is en francais! Our Thank You Thursday video on social media will thank our trustees for their commitment to Catholic education.

Click here for our Thursday message from Elementary Student Senate.

Our family resource today are movies centered around hope. Check out the elementary list and secondary list for recommendations.

Your challenge today is to create a photo collage, picture or note to an essential worker, to help them feel more hopeful in their difficult days.


May 8

A Future Full of Hope

Catholic Education Week concludes with a video prayer service led by our Student Senate.

Today we will recognize the students, staff and alumni recipients of the Catch the Spirit Student Awards of Excellence, the Inspiration Awards and the Distinguished Alumni Awards. Enjoy this video of our Catch the Spirit recipients, and read about our Inspiration Award and Distinguished Alumni recipients.

Our family resource for today asks the question, What is hope, and why do we need it? Thank you to Father Mike Schmitz for this important lesson.

And check out our Faith Friday on social media for another message about igniting hope.



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