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The Communications Department is the sole source of official information from Niagara Catholic, and should always be the first point of contact during inclement weather and emergencies. Niagara Catholic’s Communications Department also oversees the Board’s three social media accounts, works closely with the media to promote our schools and the Board, and creates a variety of reports, documents and videos.

Contact the Communications Department:

Jennifer Pellegrini, Communications Officer, 905.735.0240 ext. 297 or by email.



Confirmed Case of COVID-19 at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School

Confirmed Case of COVID-19 at Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School

Confirmed Case of COVID-19 at Saint Michael Catholic High School

Confirmed Case of COVID-19 at St. Alfred Catholic Elementary School

Outbreak declared at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Elementary School

Positive Case of COVID-19 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Elementary School

Confirmed Case of COVID-19 at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Elementary School

Positive Case of COVID-19 at Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School

Province Provides Funding for Catholic Elementary School in Thorold

Backgrounder - Timeline of Catholic Elementary Schools in Thorold

Positive Case of COVID-19 Reported at Mary Ward Catholic Elementary School

Niagara Catholic Reduces Class Sizes

Niagara Catholic Board of Trustees Announces Camillo Cipriano Next Director of Education

Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School Student Receives $100,000 Schulich Leaders Award

Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School Teacher Wins Rick Hansen Award

Niagara Catholic Supports the Community by Creating PPE for Frontline Workers

Niagara Foundation for Catholic Education Supports $62,000 Donation to Student At-Home Learning

Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School Students, Staff, Alumni Perform Halleleujah

Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School Staff Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

Niagara Catholic Announces Chair and Vice-Chair for 2020

Niagara Catholic Exceeds Provincial Averages on EQAO Assessments

Niagara Catholic Will Close Schools if CUPE Strikes

Director of Education Announces Retirement in 2020

Niagara Catholic Trustees Approve Balanced Budget for 2019-2020

Niagara Catholic Achieves 100% Ecoschools Certification for the 10th Straight Year


In addition to regular updates to this website, Niagara Catholic uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to provide our community with up-to-the-minute information on events and activities taking place in our schools and our Board. We also utilize social media, in conjunction with our website and partnerships with local radio stations, to share information about transportation cancellations or delays and other emergency messages.

Stay connected

Find us in the following ways:

These social media sites are managed exclusively by Niagara Catholic’s Communications Department. No other social media sites are endorsed/maintained by the Communications Department or Niagara Catholic District School Board.

Our schools on social media

A number of our schools also have their own Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

  • Twitter

Blessed Trinity: @BlessedTrinity4
Denis Morris: @dmchsofficial
Holy Cross: @theangusarmy
Lakeshore Catholic: @LakeshoreCHS
Notre Dame College: @ndirishcouncil
Saint Michael: @SaintMichaelCHS; @STMPilgrimage
Saint Francis: @STFPhoenix; @phoenixchap
Saint Paul: @sphigh

Loretto: @LorettoFalls
Mary Ward: @MaryWardNF
Monsignor Clancy: @MonsignorClancy
Mother Teresa: @MotherTeresaSC
Notre Dame: @NotreDameNF
Our Lady of Mount Carmel: @Cougars118
Our Lady of Victory: @OLV_FE
St. Alexander: @StAlexander8
St. Alfred: @mrswheeles7
Saint Andrew:@StAndrewJaguars
St. Ann: @StAnnStallions
St. Denis: @StDenisCES
St. Anthony: @StStanthonysc
St. Gabriel Lalemant: @StGabrielNF
St Joseph Fort Erie: @StJosephSnyder
St. Joseph Grimsby: @Stjosephgr
St. Kevin: @StKevinCeltics
St. Martin: @MustangsMartin
St. Mary Niagara Falls: @stmaryecoteam, @Mrs_Stranges, @mrsmlavey
St. Patrick Niagara Falls: @stpatsNF
St. Patrick Port Colborne: @StPatrick1959
St. Philomena Fort Erie: @StPhilomenaNC
Father Hennepin: @FrHennepin
Niagara Catholic Continuing Education: @NC_ContinuingEd


Niagara Catholic regularly updates its social media accounts between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. From time-to-time, we may update our sites on evenings or weekends to share important information. We make every attempt to acknowledge messages or questions and reply to them in a timely fashion.

We will retweet and share information from other users or accounts that may be of value to our community. Retweets and shares should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the originator or of any organization.

Niagara Catholic welcomes comments, suggestions and questions about the content we post on social media channels. While it is not always possible to reply to individual questions, we will address common themes. We encourage anyone with questions about Niagara Catholic to contact the Catholic Education Centre at 905.735.0240. For those who wish to contact us via social media, we ask those with specific questions or concerns to please address them through the message section of Facebook, rather than on the wall. We reserve the right to remove comments on our various social media sites which do not comply with our Guidelines for Commenting.

We encourage people to share their comments and questions about our posts and updates on social media sites. However, we ask you to please be respectful of others and to follow the general rules of civil behavior. Comments which contain profane, defamatory, derogatory or discriminatory language will be removed and the commenter will be blocked. Comments that contain threats or other forms of bullying will not be tolerated. Furthermore, we remind you that comments posted are in the public domain and are never entirely deleted.

To protect your own privacy and the privacy of others, please do not include personal information such as your phone number, home address, or email address in your comment.

The site administrators will also remove posts based on the following:

  • Comments which are contrary to the rights enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Comments which contain advertising, solicitations and spam
  • Comments posted by robot accounts

Participation on Niagara Catholic’s social network sites is voluntary and individuals who comment do so at their own risk and take personal responsibility for their comments. Please ensure comments are relevant to the status update posted and comply with the above-noted guidelines to ensure our social media sites remain an informative and positive way to enjoy the great things happening in our schools.

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