Active COVID-19 Screening is Required at Niagara Catholic

Niagara Catholic requires active COVID-19 screening for all students and staff entering our schools.

While we have made every effort to provide a one-stop solution for all families, there may be instances when the answers to specific questions do not apply to all children in your family, so some families may have to complete the screening more than once to ensure accurate reporting.

You will sign into the screening portal for your child using your Maplewood Parent Portal username and password.

Mistakes happen – if you make one when completing the screening and receive the red warning box to advise your child to stay at home, simply take it over again.

You will receive an email each morning with a link to the daily screening.

Families that do not complete a daily active screening, or who complete a screening that shows a fail and the child arrives at school, will be contacted by their child’s school advising them to either complete the screening or to redo the screening if they believe that they clicked something in error. Families of students who show a failed test who do not correct their error will be asked to pick up their child from school.

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