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Enhancing Technology for Optimal Learning

Students consulting on a technology projectNiagara Catholic has invested heavily in ensuring that 21st century learners are learning in 21st century settings.

In 2019, we completed  our Data Centre relocation, which is a major upgrade for our system and provides enhanced security for our data and student information.

In November, Niagara Catholic’s new website went live. The new site features fresh, larger photos, a more user-friendly interface and is accessible from multiple devices and platforms.

Niagara Catholic supports a robust learning environment that provides students and staff with access to both Board-purchased and Ministry of Education-integrated learning resources and digital tools that support a wide variety of student learning experiences and staff development. Two programs are specifically used - Brightspace Portfolio, which is used to document and share student learning and success in a virtual platform, providing an artifact space for individual learners which will follow students throughout their education, and My Blueprint, a digital tool to support education and career life planning. These tools, used within the classroom environment, support both technology-enabled learning and enhancing global competencies, supported by the Niagara Catholic Digital Learning Team.

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