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Facilities Services

Niagara Catholic currently has two major capital projects: A $5-million addition and renovation to Monsignor Clancy Catholic Elementary School in Thorold, to allow for the consolidation of St. Charles Catholic Elementary School (currently K-3) with Monsignor Clancy (Grades 4-8), bringing together all Catholic elementary students in Thorold together under one room, and a $1.5-million expansion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Elementary School.
The project at Monsignor Clancy is expected to be completed in the Fall of 2021, and will have room for 104 new pupil places and 49 childcare spaces. The Our Lady of Mount Carmel expansion is to accommodate 49 new childcare spaces at the school in the Fall of 2020.
Niagara Catholic completed approximately $19.5 million in upgrades and renovations in the past year, including window and roof replacements, interior renovations to school such as locker replacements, and upgrades and repairs to library information centres and washrooms, mechanical and electrical upgrades, exterior site improvements, such as parking lots and playgrounds and other structural improvements to schools.
Throughout 2019, Niagara Catholic continued to explore the possibility of a joint-use school in Wainfleet with our co-terminus board. The new school would consolidate the three schools in the community into one large building, providing St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School students with a new, modern facility.

Monsignor Clancy Catholic Elementary School
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