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Student Voice and Engagement

Stiudents at Leadership Conference
Niagara Catholic believes in the impact of student voice when it comes to promoting student engagement.
Throughout the year, Niagara Catholic works in collaboration with our two Student Trustees - the Co-Chairs of our Student Senate - and the official voice of students at the Board table - to provide events and activities for students to encourage leadership opportunities.
This year, our Student Senate led two events - the Niagara Catholic Student Leadership Conference and our annual Graduation Celebration.
Additionally, they participated in the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival Grande Parade and WE Day, as well as a retreat for Student Senate to build their leadership and teamwork skills.  They also led the prayer service for the When Faith Meets Pedagogy Youth Forum. The Senate is currently developing the 2020 Lead Out Loud conference for elementary students, which they will facilitate with Team Canada ‘72.

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