February is Black History Month in Canada

February is Black History Month in Canada. The 2024 theme for Black History Month is Black Excellence: A Heritage to Celebrate, a Future to Build.

Niagara Catholic fosters equitable, safe, and inclusive school communities. All are welcome and called by name.

We recognize and honour Black Canadians and saints during the school year. This has a special focus during Black History Month.

Teachers will use Board-approved resources to teach about Black History Month. This includes ones from the federal government and Ministry of Education and the organizations below:

To support students and staff, we use resources from School Mental Health-Ontario, including:

Niagara Catholic also recognizes Black History Month online. Part of this includes spotlighting prominent Black Canadians on social media. This year, our goal is to spotlight local Black Canadians as much as possible. If you know someone we should profile online, please let us know. Reach out through info@ncdsb.com.

If you have questions about Black History Month, please contact your school principal.

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