This year was a challenging one for students celebrating graduations. From Kindergarten students to people with advanced degrees, graduations were not at all like what was expected in September, but were no less special than those celebrated in years before. In fact, the Class of 2020 at all levels will look back on this year as one like no other; when their teachers and principals rolled up to homes with signs, caps and gowns, awards and certificates, celebrating the end of what has been a very uncommon year.

This year's graduates have been serenaded by rock stars, and celebrated by leaders. Click the links below for speeches by the Prime Minister and our Minister of Education. Congratulations, everyone!

Congratulatory videos addressed to this year’s graduating students from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Elementary English

High school English

Congratulatory videos addressed to this year’s graduating students from Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce.

Kindergarten Graduates

Grade 8 Graduates

Grade 12 Graduates

French-language Graduates

Here are a few links to some of our high school graduation videos

Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School

Denis Morris Catholic High School

Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School

Lakeshore Catholic High School

Notre Dame College School

Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School

Saint Michael Catholic High School

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