Online Safety

Students and staff spend more time than ever online. Niagara Catholic’s Electronic Communications for Students (AOP) sets the direction on the use of Board-owned equipment and to protect the rights and safety of all.

Student Online Safety

The internet is like any other community. While most people online are good, decent people, there is a percentage who are not. Because of this, it's important that you take measures to protect yourself and your children.

The following guidance will help keep you – and your children – safe.

  • Never reveal information about your personal identity (such as your name, address, phone number, age, physical description, or school) to strangers you encounter online or in a public online forum where you may not know everyone who might see the information.
  • Never reveal personal information online about someone else unless you have their prior permission, and you know the information will not be used for harmful purposes.
  • Never reveal your access password or anyone else’s.
  • Never send a picture of yourself, another person, or a group over an electronic network without prior informed permission of all the individuals involved and, in the case of minors, their parents or guardians.
  • Report immediately to a parent/guardian or teacher any message or request that you receive that bothers you or that suggests personal contact with you.
  • Never publish the specific dates, times, and/or locations of where you might be on a public forum where you have no expectation of privacy.

Additional Resources

Canadian Centre for Child Protection
The Canadian Centre offers information about the ever-changing online interests of children, the potential risks they face, and proactive strategies to help keep children and adolescents safe while online.

Niagara Regional Police - Online Safety
The Niagara Regional Police website outlines the internet and the law, some of the risks and security issues involved in the use of the internet. It also provides online tips for parents. These include:

Get Cyber Safe

Get Cyber Safe is a national public awareness campaign created to inform Canadians about cyber security and the simple steps they can take to protect themselves online.

RCMP Online Safety Resources

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police provide a webpage which contains multiple resources which can be used to assist with online safety.

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