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Policy Vetting and Tracking

In keeping with Niagara Catholic’s commitment to openness and transparency, the Board has established an extensive vetting process for its policies.

As part of the vetting process, Niagara Catholic students, parents, guardians, staff, Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC), Niagara Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (NCPIC), Diocese of St. Catharines and members of the Niagara Catholic community are invited to submit their feedback.

Once the vetting process is completed, the feedback received is taken into consideration by Senior Administrative Council. A summary of the vetting and any revisions to the policy are presented to the Policy Committee for consideration and recommendation to the Committee of the Whole. Once approved by the Committee of the Whole, the policy is then forwarded to the Board for consideration and final approval.

Policy Vetting

The following Policies and Administrative Guidelines are currently being reviewed as part of the cyclical Policy and Administrative Guidelines Review process.

To be considered, all submissions must identify the specific policy and include your name, phone number, address and affiliation with Niagara Catholic.

Anonymous or pseudonymous submissions will not be considered

Please submit your feedback to Jennifer Pellegrini by 4:00 p.m. April 15, 2020


Policy NamePolicy NumberAdopted/Revised/Reviewed 
Equity and Inclusive Education Policy100.102015/06/16
Board By-Laws100.12016/06/21
Religious Accommodation Policy Policy100.10.12019/12/17
Trustee Honorarium Policy100.112017/04/25
Trustee Code of Conduct Policy100.122018/03/20
Trustee Expenses and Reimbursement Policy100.132017/12/19
Use of Corporate Logo Policy100.142014/06/17
Naming of a Board Facility, Designated Area or Chapel Policy100.152020/03/24
Student Trustees Policy100.42018/03/20
Establishment and Cyclical Review of Policies Policy100.52020/02/25
Student Senate Policy – Secondary100.6.12019/02/26
Student Senate Policy – Elementary100.6.22019/02/26
Niagara Catholic Education Award of Distinction Policy100.72018/02/27
Trustee Electronic Meetings Policy (Board and Committees)100.82020/02/25
Advocacy Expenditures Policy100.92014/05/27
Deferred Salary Plan (X/Y) Policy201.102019/03/26
Employee Leaves of Absence Policy201.12019/03/26
Employee Workplace Violence Policy201.112020/03/24
Electronic Communications Systems Policy (Employees)201.122018/10/23
Sexual Misconduct Policy201.132020/03/24
Employee Hospitality Policy201.142019/11/26
Employee Conferences, Workshops and Meetings Policy201.152019/11/26
Attendance Support Program Policy201.162015/12/15
Employee Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy201.172018/06/19
Retirement and Service Recognition Celebration Policy201.22015/06/16
Reimbursement of Travel Expenses Policy201.42016/05/24
Death Benefit Policy201.52019/03/26
Occupational Health and Safety Policy201.62020/03/24
Employee Workplace Harassment Policy201.72020/03/24
Employee Attendance During Inclement Weather and Workplace Closure Policy 201.92019/02/26
Assignment of Principals and Vice-Principals Policy202.12018/02/27
Catholic Leadership: Principal and Vice-Principal Selection Policy202.22019/12/17
Catholic Leadership: Supervisory Officer and Controller of Facilities Services Selection202.32019/10/22
Employee Hiring and Selection Policy (Teachers)203.12019/05/28
Emergency Instructors Elementary Policy203.22019/10/22
Leadership Pathways Policy203.42013/06/18
Admission of Elementary and Secondary Students Policy301.12019/04/23
Assessment, Evaluation, Reporting and Homework Policy301.102017/02/28
Student Fees Policy301.112017/10/24
Attendance Area Policy301.32012/10/23
Fundraising Policy301.42019/02/26
Electronic Communications Systems Policy (Students)301.52018/06/19
School Generated Funds Policy301.62014/02/25
Ontario Student Record (OSR) Policy301.72014/03/18
Safe Physical Intervention with Students Policy301.82015/06/16
Voluntary and Confidential Indigenous Students First Nation, Métis and Inuit Self-Identification Policy301.92018/06/19
Supporting Children and Students with Prevalent Medical Conditions Policy302.12019/02/26
Anaphylaxis Administrative Procedures302.1.12019/02/26
Asthma Administrative Procedures302.1.22019/02/26
Diabetes Administrative Procedures302.1.32019/02/26
Epilepsy Administrative Procedures302.1.42019/02/26
Administration of Oral Medication to Students Policy302.22016/12/20
Safe Arrival Policy302.32016/06/21
Volunteer Drivers Policy302.42015/04/28
Student Parenting Policy302.52018/10/23
Safe and Accepting Schools Policy 302.62019/05/28
Opening or Closing Exercises Policy302.6.12019/11/26
Code of Conduct Policy302.6.22020/02/25
Access to Board Premises Policy – Safe Schools302.6.32016/12/20
Student Suspension Policy302.6.42019/05/28
Student Expulsion Policy302.6.52019/05/28
Dress Code – Secondary Uniform Policy – Safe Schools302.6.62016/02/23
Criminal Background Check Policy – Safe Schools302.6.72014/06/17
Bullying Prevention and Intervention Policy302.6.82019/06/18
Progressive Student Discipline Policy302.6.92019/03/26
Elementary Standardized Dress Code Policy – Safe Schools302.6.102016/02/23
Nutrition Policy302.72018/02/27
Concussion Policy303.12014/12/16
Student Use of Guide Dogs and Service Animals Policy303.22020/03/24
Continuing Education Policy400.12018/10/23
Educational Field Trips Policy400.22017/06/20
Christian Community Service Policy400.32018/05/22
Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Policy400.42019/02/26
Acceleration Retention Policy400.52019/11/26
Environmental Stewardship Policy400.62018/06/19
School Operations for Inclement Weather and Workplace Closure Policy500.12019/02/26
Student Transportation Policy500.22019/02/26
Purchasing/Supply Chain Management Policy600.12020/02/25
Records and Information Management Policy600.22018/02/27
Internal Financial Management Reporting Policy600.32017/05/23
Corporate Cards, Purchasing Cards and Petty Cash Policy600.42019/05/28
Advertising Expenditures Policy600.52014/03/18
Privacy Policy600.62017/06/20
Financial Investment Policy600.72019/05/28
Architect and Consultant Selection Policy701.12014/04/22
Pupil Accommodation Review Policy 701.22016/02/23
Video Security Surveillance Policy701.32013/06/18
Bottled Water Policy701.52018/06/19
Playground Equipment Policy702.12018/10/23
Catholic School Councils Policy800.12018/12/18
Community Use of Facilities800.22019/06/18
Complaint Resolution Policy800.32017/10/24
Volunteer Recognition Policy 800.42015/04/28
Education Research Policy800.52017/10/24
Community Planning Partnerships800.62016/02/23
Niagara Catholic Parent Involvement Committee Policy 800.72016/06/21
Accessibility Standards Policy800.82017/03/28
Accessibility Customer Service Policy800.8.12016/12/20
Volunteering in Catholic Schools Policy800.92020/02/25
Policy NamePolicy NumberAdopted/Revised/Reviewed

Protocols and Procedures

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