The Primary grades include Grade 1-3.

Moving from Kindergarten to Grade 1 is an important step for your child. At Niagara Catholic our teachers work together and with families to support a smooth and seamless transition from one grade to the next.

In the Primary grades, our focus continues to be on providing a Christ-centred environment that will address the spiritual, emotional, academic, social and physical needs of your child.


Transitioning Between Grades

As your child’s first and most consistent teacher, parents play a very important role in supporting your child’s education. Positive parental involvement at home influences a child’s success at school. To prepare your child for the transition from one grade to the next:

  • Emphasize the positive when you speak about the coming change.
  • Reassure your child that all new learning will build on what they already know.
  • Read to your child regularly, even if they are independent readers.
  • Encourage your child to continue their friendships with school mates.
  • Encourage your child to share their concerns with you.


Catholic Education in the Primary Grades

Primary students fully participate in the faith life of their school. In Grade 2, Catholic students are supported in making their first Reconciliation (Confession), and Communion. These sacraments are made with the support of home, school, and parish family. Reconciliation is celebrated before First Holy Communion, and usually during the Advent season. The celebration of this sacrament helps us to remember Jesus’ message that we are to forgive others as Jesus forgives us.

First Holy Communion is usually celebrated after Easter Sunday. It is a wonderful time in each child’s life and a time of great joy for your family and for the school community.


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