Safe and Accepting Schools

A positive school climate exists when we all feel safe, valued, and know that we belong. It is the starting point and the foundation for learning, achievement, and well-being.

Ensuring everyone feels safe is the responsibility of all members of the Niagara Catholic community.

Creating a positive school climate requires:

  • Creating and fostering relationships based on trust, respect, and value of all community members
  • Promoting positive activities that engage, include, and empower students, staff, and families
  • Creating strategies to avoid or address harmful situations
  • Creating protocols and responses to emergency safety risks
  • Supporting students, staff, and community members in the event of bullying, violence, or tragedy
  • Addressing inappropriate student behavior includes:
    • Acknowledging bias
    • Promoting positive actions to rebuild relationships
    •  Focusing on healing

Our approaches align with federal, provincial, and local policies, laws, frameworks, and partnership agreements.

Niagara Catholic District School Board Policies:

Have concerns or questions? Please contact your child’s principal or visit the Niagara Catholic Complaint Resolution Policy.

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