School Supports

Niagara Catholic is committed to supporting student mental health and well-being by providing a supportive framework through our Niagara Catholic Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy.

The Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy is developed in consultation with Board and school staff and the Mental Health Team.

The Niagara Catholic Mental Health Team is comprised of:

  • the Superintendent of Education,
  • the Mental Health Lead,
  • School-Based Social Workers
  • Child and Youth Workers

Click on the link to view the Niagara Catholic Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy

Niagara Catholic administrators and staff are expected to:

  • Create a safe, caring, and inclusive learning environment
  • Support students’ mental health literacy
  • Actively listen to students about their needs
  • Identify and support students who may be struggling
  • Communicate concerns about students to their school administrator

Niagara Catholic has a central Mental Health Leadership Team that works closely with The Mental Lead to plan and oversee the Niagara Catholic Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy.

Our central-level social work team utilizes a referral-based model and provides the following services:

  • Assessments to inform treatment planning
  • Direct support to students with clinical level concerns with intervention through counselling and therapy
  • Developing intervention plans in consultation with students, families, and staff
  • Completing referrals to community mental health services and programs where intervention continues to be required beyond school-based services
  • Developing, implementing and delivering effective professional learning for Niagara Catholic staff and parent community

To request social work support for your child, please contact your Principal or Vice- Principal.



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