Camillo Cipriano

Camillo Cipriano was appointed Director of Education of Niagara Catholic in July, 2020, and took over the role on September 1. He comes to Niagara Catholic with 23 years of leadership and experience as a teacher and administrator in Catholic education. He most recently held the position of Superintendent of Education with the Halton Catholic District School Board. Mr. Cipriano has extensive knowledge about Ontario’s education system, with a particular focus on student mental health.

Mr. Cipriano holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University, and attended Teacher’s College at the University of Windsor. He also holds a Masters’ Degree in Educational Leadership from Niagara University.

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Clark Euale

Clark Euale joined Niagara Catholic as Controller of Facilities Services in 2020. Mr. Euale is responsible for ensuring all Niagara Catholic schools are clean and safe places for our students and staff to learn and work. He also oversees arrangements with childcare providers, and our Green Niagara Catholic initiative.

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Lee Ann Forsyth-Sells

Superintendent of Education Lee Ann Forsyth-Sells has served as a vice-principal at Saint Michael Catholic High School and principal at the former Monsignor Clancy Catholic High School, after which she served as Program Officer of Curriculum at the Board.

She was appointed Superintendent of Education in 2002. Her degrees include a Bachelor of Arts (English), Master of Arts (English Language and Literature), Bachelor of Education and Master of Education (Educational Administration).

Superintendent Forsyth- Sells is responsible for the portfolio of Equity and Inclusive Education with the areas of Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting, Demographic Data/Research, Equity and Human Rights, Mental Health and Well-Being, Parent Engagement, and Policy and Administrative Operational Procedure writing .

She is also the Family of Schools’ Superintendent for the Denis Morris and Holy Cross families of schools. For professional learning, Superintendent Forsyth-Sells has recently completed an Intensive Human Rights Program for School Board Leaders through Osgoode Hall Law School. She has also served as Past President of the Ontario Catholic Supervisory Officers’ Association and the Canadian Association of School System Administrators.

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Kimberly Kinney

Kimberly Kinney joined Niagara Catholic from the Ministry of Education as a Student Achievement Officer in the Student Achievement Supports Branch. She spent three years at  the Ministry of Education in Student Achievement, following her time as an elementary principal in the Halton Catholic District School Board. Kimberly brings a wealth of student achievement knowledge to Niagara Catholic. She assumed the position of Superintendent of Education responsible for Program and Innovation, and the  Notre Dame College School family of schools on September 1, 2020.

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Domenic Massi

Domenic Massi

Associate Superintendent of Education Domenic Massi has been a dedicated educator with Niagara Catholic and its preceding board, the Welland County Roman Catholic Separate School Board, for 27 years. He has taught in all divisions and focused his energy on student success and equity. He has served as a vice-principal and principal for 18 years; and is an experienced system leader in the areas of administrative development, policy, and program development, as well as health and safety and physical activity initiatives. His most recent position was as principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Elementary School in Niagara Falls.

Dom has served of one of the Board’s three COVID leads throughout this school year. He also has elementary staffing and staff development, Safe and Accepting Schools and Student Voice. He is responsible for the Saint Michael and Saint Paul families of schools.

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Gino Pizzoferrato

Gino Pizzoferrato joined Niagara Catholic September 1, 2020 from the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board where he served for twenty five years as teacher, vice principal and principal. As principal he had many system experiences with school leadership development and served as Chair of the System Identification Placement and Review Committee. He has served as a facilitator for the Principals’ Qualifications with the Catholic Principals’ Council of Ontario (CPCO) and co-chaired the System Pilgrimage Committee in his former Board for fifteen years.  He assumed the position of Superintendent of Education responsible for Student Support Services and the Blessed Trinity family of schools.

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Pat Rocca

Pat Rocca joined Niagara Catholic in 1994 as an occasional teacher, and became a permanent classroom teacher in 1995. He has served Niagara Catholic as a Vice-Principal and a Principal, was appointed a Superintendent of Education in 2017. He is also responsible for Continuing Education, Alternative Education, and Indigenous Education.

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Giancarlo Vetrone

Giancarlo Vetrone joined Niagara Catholic in 2013 as Superintendent of Business and Financial Services. He previously worked for the Niagara Health System. He is a proud alumnus of Niagara Catholic and Brock University. Superintendent Vetrone is responsible for the Board’s Financial Services and Procurement, as well as Information Technology and Niagara Student Transportation Services.

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Joe Zaroda

Joe Zaroda

Associate Superintendent of Education Zaroda began his career in education 30 years ago as a classroom teacher at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School, and was one of the founding staff at Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School. He served as a department head and a program chair before becoming a vice-principal. He has been a principal since 2006. Joe considers himself blessed to have ended his years of working in schools where it began, as principal of Blessed Trinity.

Joe is responsible for the Lakeshore Catholic and Saint Francis families of schools.

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