My Niagara Catholic Kindergarten to Grade 8 Student Census

The administration of a voluntary student census is a requirement by the Ministry of Education for all school boards, in compliance with the Ontario Anti-Racism Act. The census is an opportunity to learn more about our students and to identify diversity through the range of human qualities and attributes that make up our student community, including but not limited to, ability, ethnicity, gender, language, race, and religion.

The Niagara Catholic District School Board is dedicated to serving students and their families in its diverse school communities with the belief that all persons are created equal in the image of God, each with unique characteristics deserving of dignity. Embracing diversity in Niagara Catholic schools supports all students to learn and grow free from discrimination and barriers. The staff of Niagara Catholic are committed to ensuring that everyone feels included, has a strong sense of belonging, and is welcome in our schools.

The My Niagara Catholic Student Census will provide a greater understanding of who our students are so that we can more precisely identify and address systemic barriers and disparities to support improved student achievement and well-being for all students. This information is important to staff, students, and families, so that schools can create communities that are inviting, welcoming, and meaningful to all students.

There are two census:

  1. Kindergarten to Grade 8 Student Census that will be available for completion online at home by parents/guardians of elementary students.
  2. Grade 9 to 12 Student Census that will be available for completion online by high school students. Class time will be provided at school.

Parents/guardians will receive information about the census for each student in April and May through the email address of the contact on file with the school.

To view the questions and response options that are included in the Kindergarten to Grade 8 online census survey, click on the link below:
My Niagara Catholic Kindergarten to Grade 8 Student Census Questions

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions for the Kindergarten to Grade 8 Student Census below.

For inquiries about the student census, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

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