2022 Student Christmas Card Sale to Support Students in Need

Each year, Niagara Catholic invites students from across the system to submit artwork for our annual Board Christmas cards. A selection of this artwork has been chosen to create printed cards​, which will be sold online.

Proceeds support the Niagara Foundation for Catholic Education, which provides student scholarships, and assistance to students and their families.

Each pack of assorted cards is available for purchase with a minimum donation of $10 per pack.

Christmas Card Delivery

There are a limited number of cards available, so orders must be placed no later than Monday, December 12th. Cards will be delivered to schools no later than December 20th.

For Parents and Students: Your Christmas cards will be sent by courier to your school. Your school’s main office will send the bundle of cards home with your child.

For Virtual Learners: If you or your child are learning virtually, select your HOME SCHOOL in the dropdown box. Please contact the school office to make arrangements for pick-up.

For School Staff: Your cards will be sent by courier to your school.​

Place your order here.

On behalf of the Niagara Foundation for Catholic Education, thank you for your support, and we wish you and your family all of the blessings of Christmas.

Blessed Trinity - Madeline Mojeski, Gr. 11

Blessed Trinity Madeline Mojeski Gr 11

St. Alfred - Zelie Ryan, Gr. 5

St. Alfred Zelie Ryan Gr 5

St. Martin - Jordynn Karrandjas, Gr. 6B

St. Martin - Jordynn Karrandjas, Gr. 6B

Notre Dame College - Kiera Brown, Gr. 9

ND Kiera Brown Gr 9

St. Mary, N.F. - Gerard Ancit, Gr. 3

St. Mary NF Gerard Ancit Gr 3

Denis Morris - Peyton Barriage, Gr. 10

DM Peyton Barriage Gr 10

St. John - Vienna Tome, Gr. 5

St. John Vienna Tome Gr 5

Father Hennepin - Sloane O’Brien, Gr. 8

Fr Hennepin Sloane O'Brien Gr 7

Saint Michael H.S. - Joanna Costabile, Gr. 12

Saint Michael Joanna Costabile Gr 12

Saint Paul H.S. - Aeril De Lumban & Sienna Skinner, Gr. 9

Saint Paul Aeril De Lumban Sienna Skinner Gr 9
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