As we continue to implement Niagara Catholic’s Continuity of Distance Learning Plan until at least the end of June and plan for the fall, we have partnered with Thoughtexchange to provide an online, open, interactive and transparent process to invite input from students, parents/guardians, staff and members of our community who support Catholic education, as we continue to adapt to teaching, learning and supporting in a virtual environment.

Your voice is important to assist us in designing our plan for the months ahead and for the reopening of schools.

After you respond to a few introductory questions, participants will be asked to respond to the following open-ended question: “During school closures, the Niagara Catholic District School Board has implemented a continuity of learning distance education plan. What are your thoughts on what has worked well and what do we need to improve on as we plan together for the future of distance education?

Through the sharing of thoughts from other participants, assign stars based on how much you agree/disagree or how important you feel the ideas are from others in the Niagara Catholic community. Your thoughts and stars are confidential. Thoughtexhange has provided information and guidelines on how to participate. Thoughtexchange will provide Board staff with a summary report of all feedback.

Please join in the exchange of ideas as we share, and learn from students, parents and staff. The Thoughtexchange will be open until June 15th and participants can return to the link at any time to add additional thoughts and consider/rate more of the thoughts of others.

Thank you for lending your voice, thoughts and ideas as we learn what has worked well and what we need to improve on as we build a plan for the fall. Click here to participate in the Thoughtexchange.

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