We are blessed at Niagara Catholic to have Chaplaincy Leaders supporting both our secondary and elementary schools. They provide spiritual support to both students and staff facilitating retreats, liturgies, and faith formation opportunities.

Dahlia Brannigan
Lakeshore Catholic High School

James Carnegie
Notre Dame, Lakeshore Catholic & Saint Michael
Elementary Families of Schools

Diana Conidi
Blessed Trinity, Holy Cross & Saint Michael
Elementary Families of Schools

Michelle Davis
Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School

Stephanie Jarrett
Notre Dame College School

Michelle Lepine
Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School

Paul McGuire
Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School

Patricia Morgetano
Denis Morris Catholic High School

Greg Robertson
Saint Paul Catholic High School

Jolene Smith
Saint Michael Catholic High School

Ariana Vetere
Denis Morris, Saint Francis
& Saint Paul Elementary Families of Schools

Krista Wood
Board Chaplaincy Leader

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